Curved Design Night Light
Curved Design Night Light
Curved Design Night Light
Curved Design Night Light
Curved Design Night Light
Curved Design Night Light

Curved Design Night Light

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Introducing our Curved Design Night Light – a sleek and stylish addition to your home that seamlessly combines form and function to create the perfect ambiance for any room. Embrace the modern aesthetic of this night light while enjoying its innovative features designed to enhance your nighttime experience. Upgrade your nighttime experience with the Curved Design Night Light – a fusion of modern design and practical functionality that effortlessly enhances the ambiance of your living spaces.


  • Our Curved Design Night Light boasts a visually striking and sophisticated curved design that not only serves as a functional light source but also doubles as a chic décor element. The smooth curves add a touch of modernity to any space, making it an ideal addition to bedrooms, living rooms, or even offices. Whether it's placed on a nightstand, shelf, or desk, this night light is sure to catch the eye and elevate the overall atmosphere of your room.
  • Tailor the lighting to your specific needs with the adjustable intensity feature. The Curved Design Night Light allows you to choose from a range of brightness levels, providing the perfect amount of illumination for different occasions. Whether you're winding down for the night, reading a book, or creating a relaxing ambiance for a cozy evening, this night light adapts to your preferences, creating a personalized and comfortable environment.
  • Transform your space with a soft and soothing glow emitted by the night light. The color options add an extra layer of versatility, allowing you to select a hue that complements your room's color scheme or simply reflects your mood. Create a calming atmosphere with warm tones or add a playful touch with vibrant colors. The Curved Design Night Light adapts to your style, making it a versatile lighting solution for various settings.

Product Details
Light Source: LED
Power Source: AC
Voltage: 220V
Body Material: Aluminum
Power: 18W
Weight: 550g
Dimensions: 13.0 x 5.1inch
Lighting Area: 5-15 sqm
Luminous Flux: 1280LM

Product Includes
1x Curved Design Night Light

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