Christmas Tree Spiral Lights
Christmas Tree Spiral Lights
Christmas Tree Spiral Lights
Christmas Tree Spiral Lights
Christmas Tree Spiral Lights
Christmas Tree Spiral Lights

Christmas Tree Spiral Lights

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Introducing our enchanting Christmas Tree Spiral Lights, the perfect addition to transform your holiday decor into a festive wonderland. Elevate your Christmas tree with these mesmerizing lights that bring a magical touch to the season. Here are three features that make these lights a must-have:


  • Watch as these lights gracefully spiral around your Christmas tree, creating a captivating and dynamic display. The unique spiral design adds a touch of modern elegance to your traditional holiday setup. The spirals gently ascend and descend, casting a warm and inviting glow that sets the perfect festive ambiance for your home.
  • Illuminate your holiday celebrations with the versatility of our Christmas Tree Spiral Lights. Choose from multiple lighting modes to suit your mood and ambiance. Whether you prefer a soft and steady glow, a festive twinkle, or a dynamic combination of both, these lights offer a variety of options to create the perfect atmosphere for your holiday gatherings. Spread joy and warmth with the adjustable brightness and lighting patterns.
  • Setting up your Christmas Tree Spiral Lights is a breeze. The lights are designed for easy installation, allowing you to focus on the joy of the season rather than struggling with complicated setups. The low-heat LED technology ensures safety, making these lights ideal for families with children and pets. Enjoy peace of mind as you create cherished holiday memories surrounded by the cozy glow of these spiral lights.

Product Details
Height: 37.5cm (adjustable, not fixed)
Cord Length: 1m
Power Supply: Solar-powered
Material: ABS
Light Color: Warm White

Product Includes
1x Christmas Tree Spiral Lights